Mom’s Quilt

About 2 months ago my mom gave me 7 dresden plates that she bought at a garage sale for me to make into a quilt. I was thankful she had that much faith in me and scared that what if I screw this up. They were vintage and beautiful. She gave me free range to do whatever I wanted with the plates ( a dresden plate is a series of what looks like wedges sewn together about 16 of them to form what looks like a doughnut or wheel).
My first step was to draw a pattern so I made 3 different ones took pictures and sent them to her. She ooh’d ahh’d and said do whatever you think. UGGHHHH!! Ok regroup I decided to search ebay to find some 1930’s prints I came across someone selling the dresden pieces in a bag so excited to spent too much on them but I God told me I needed them not sure how but I needed them. Then I bought some 1930’s print fabric to go with the fabric that matched the plates. Now since my mom gave me free reign it happened quilters block! (he he get it block!) it sat for a few weeks with me sweating it out since I have a deadline of September 20th The last day before her friend comes to stay with her for a week.

Then it happened I had had enough last week I did it I cut a square of white fabric and sewed one of the dresden plates to it and I loved it! I was so proud of myself. I got the great idea for the 1930’s fabric after I had been searching through some books of vintage quilts I decided to make pinwheels with contrasting white fabric. I decided to use only 6 of the plates making the blocks 13×13 and with the pinwheels I made 4″ x 13″ sashing to go around the blocks which made the quilt 36×55. The perfect lap quilt or so I thought. I showed her the quilt top that I had finished so she could get some backing fabric she loved it but I could tell it was not the size she wanted. I called her later that day and she told me that she wanted it to fit on her double size bed….double size bed. Ok I will do anything for this women she survived breast cancer last year and I she deserves whatever she wants. I then remembered the bag of dresden pieces I bought on ebay. I decided to make 6 more blocks to extend the quilt. I also found in my UFO projects a baby blanket that used a fence and rail which I never did like but loved the fabric. The fabric as a 1930’s retro prints and would work beautifully with her quilt. They are 4×4 strips that will alternate in colors around the blanket or just on the sides I have not decided. The dresden plates are so outside of my comfort zone that I pushed myself to do them. Moral to the story I wish I had tried them sooner. The blanket is so simple and beautiful that I never could have imagined. I never used the patterns I drew they were just a way to pass time for me. I knew that if I just trusted God that He would guide me to make this blanket for her. Honestly without Him and His guidance I would have never done this. God has blessed my mom with an amazing gifts and I always wanted one. And God gave me the gift to quilt and I thank God that I get to do this for her and for others who receive my quilts!

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The last 8 weeks

For the last 8 weeks I joined what I thought was the most amazing message board for quilters. I was very active on it. Posting daily, reading all the time to the point my daughters joked with me that it was all I was doing. Well when you are disabled and not able to move alot this is all I can do. It was the first time I felt like I belonged. I even joined a few swaps. During the 8 weeks there were several request for prayers, ect I joined in that is what I am called to do. Then last night I responded to a post about those who had scriptures in their signatures. There were ones that made me feel like God is with us and that no matter what we have gone through there is a purpose to His plan. I woke up around 4 am to an email saying it was deleted because it had religous statements. UMMMMM ok confused I tried to go back to sleep but wrestled with this since it seemed that a lot of the members where doing just that posting with God in their messages. After a few hours of going back and forthe I decided that this group was not for me. It hurts a lot I thougt I found a place to make friends but what are these people but names and faces across the country that I will never meet. I need to find friends in my area who want to share the same message of Christ, to cry with me when we hurt. To laugh until we cry. I pray daily for this friend. I am lonely because I cannot get out like I used to. I know that one day God will put that wonderful person into mylife who will be just as uplifting as He wants her to be. So what have I learned…. That message boards are just that messages from other people you will never meet. They are not your true friends just someone across the country or world who just wants to share their story. Am I hurt yes, sad yes I am ok will move forward.

Sorry to go on like this but I needed to let our my sorrow. In Christ!

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Amazing Week

Last week my mom had hip surgery, which meant my oldest was going to her home to be her helper. I was a little apprehensive yet looking forward to her being out of the house due to tension.  I had peace and quiet for 3 days then I picked up my 12yo daughter.  I have never had time alone with her. I am not kidding never.  So I was not sure what to expect because my oldest is always doing something to bring attention to her and Rach is left out. She has been my sewing buddy for some time now we recently made a skirt with no pattern, and let me tell you it was very cute! So when she got her we decided to make a purse and some type of wallet. We searched the internet for a pattern and then made one up. She took the time to go through all of my fabric to pick out the perfect fabric. (Of course it was one that was super thin and needed a backing which was ok we found a matching material) So it took us a couple of days to get it right but she did it. She sewed all whole thing and what a difference it was to sew with her. No back talk, no sassy mouth and when I told her she sewed something wrong she looked at me and smiled and said sorry. I was taken back with that I was prepared for battle and didn’t get it. I got peace and love in her eyes. Something I have been missing for some time. I have Loved this time with her. She has been a true blessing for me. She is helping me make her grandfather a quilt I love her suggestions something I would never have thought of but you know what I am going to go with it. She has brought me out of my shell so to speak. I sing silly songs to her and well I have become a goofy mom. She just laughs and wonders what is going to come out of my mouth next. I love that I can be that goofy mom.  My son had enjoyed her too, yes they have a few fights but I love it those little bickering battles make this time memorable. I had cashed a check this week and took her to the store to buy some stuff for her. She had a hard time asking for stuff it seems that I had not bought her stuff out of the blue to me that is sad. So I think I made up for this week, Yes I spoiled her rotten. We went to Michael’s and she had never heard of grab bags so I bought all they had. I wish I had filmed her opening them. They had about $50 worth of stuff in them and she was Sold on grab bags! I bought her some things for a sewing kit we are making.  I Love this young woman she is growing up to be. She has opened up to me and I love that I get to be her mom.

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It’s Amazing when You Trust God

I co-run a non-profit and today a friend of my mom’s was running an estate sale. 80% of this sale was quilting supplies, panels and just plain old good stuff that we quilters just love. So I get a call after church that this lady wanted to know more about my non-profit because they wanted to donate some of their stuff. Now sometimes what goes through your head is “Please Lord don’t let it be junk” I called Kim and she asked what did I need. I explained I could use everything and anything. Since we are a startup funds are low for fabric and other items, so I raced over to my mother’s home and she took me to the Estate Sale. I get there and there are 3 gigantic boxes filled with quilting stuff. (I was like a kid in a candy store) we then raced back to my mom’s home and just dove into all 3 boxes.  I was speechless. It was stuff that I have been wanting for so long and just not enough funds to buy them. I needed some muslim material and there was yards of it!! God gave me just what I needed and not a yard more! I Love how God shows you that here I know that you have been working hard and you have not asked for much. So here is 3 boxes of goodies that I know you need and have been wanting. I know these are used items but guess what. I dont’ care because they are mine now. And to beat all I now have over 15 almost done quilts. Now I know God is telling me I need to learn how to appliqué because most of them have appliqué stuff to do on them and get this I now have to step up and get past my fear of machine quilting and just do it. I know I can do it I just have to get past my self and just DO it!!! So Thank you God for just what I needed and for giving me enough of what I needed. I am in such awe of your glory and for taking care of me and for the beautiful quits you have given me to finish.

As a side note I was really excited to find a quilt for my daughters friend she loves the geisha girls and Asian themes. I turned around and here was this 95% completed Asian quilt that is so beautiful she is going to scream (I paid for this one so I can give it to her.) She came over a few weeks ago and made her first quilt and I think this would be a wonderful gift for her!! So take care my friends! God bless you!

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Ok back to work!

Last week I had to make several quilts and by the grace of God I did it. Then my loving husband came home with 3 blankest. I thank God he answered a prayer that if these quilts were not perfect to please bring them home. So I will tear them apart yes i said it I will tear out all my lazy stitches and remake these quilts. God did not give me a gift of poor workmanship and I want these quilts to glorify God. Because they are a gift from Him! If anyone reading this would like to donate a quilt please leave a comment and I will give you information on how to get them to us! Thank you so much and God bless you all today.

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Feeling Guilty

Tonight a little girl named Ellie is fighting for her life. in a few hours I know it will end and I feel so guilty sitting here hugging my son. Holding onto him with dear life while  another mom is losing her daughter. I will not undertand God’s plan for our lives and how an innocent little girl fought for so long with a horrible disease and yet there are those out there who really deserve to live her life. But I am not God and will never be. I know that some mom’s may feel the same way this is a child. My heart aches waiting for the tweet that says Ellie has finally given up her fight and gone home to be with Christ. It is so bittersweet. So what can I take away from this. This little girl has given her family some priceless moments in the last few hours. Anointing her mom with oil, waking up and kissing her biceps telling them don’t worry mom I am strong I’m a fighter.   God only gives us what we can handle and Little Ellie and family are so strong God sure blessed them with 2 wonderful little girls and God please hold this family close to you tonight and hold them in your arms. Surround them with your Angels keep them safe tonight. Lord you know Ellie’s time send her an angel to tell her it is ok to come home you are safe and will no longer be in pain. Ellie your mom and dad will miss you but will always love you and never forget you. Thank you Lord for little Ellie

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I did it!

It’s amazing what you can do with a little pressure on your side. I had to make 8 quilts by Saturday 6/19. I waited till the last possible minute. My fault I will admit it. I am really amazed though how God gave me the streanthg to get it done. My oldest daughter helped which was a huge help. She was so worried about messing up and with me a huge control freak I managed to let go and allow her to make the mistakes and I corrected them with no frustration. She did a wonderful job and I am blesed to have her as a daughter. The quilts were simple and I was able to sew them together in 2 hours if that tells you anything. Today I will sew the binding and I will be completly done. the hard part over! God is amazing through all of this. He gave me this gift of quilting and I will make sure to use it to the fullest.

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