Any questions for a quilter?

I have self taught myself to quilt over the last few years. I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. My first real quilt pattern was come to find out a bargello pattern supposed to be one of the hardest to make because of all of the cutting and moving of fabric. To me it was one of the easiest. Now I have started to create my own patterns and will one day make them. I deal with back pain on a daily basis quilting is my rehabilitation for my pain. i live with a constant pain level of 9-10 and on June 4th I will be fitted for a pain pump which will give me a pain level of 0 Yes I praise God daily and cannot wait to have this done. I will be making more quilts and still use this time as my meditation with God. It is through Christ which I am able to do what I do.  I will help those who need guidance it is what God has called me to do.  I will listen and help those who need it. I am going to start posting pics of my quilts and will try to have links to other sites that I love. Thank you for reading and please leave me a note!


About QuiltingforJesus

I am a mom who was injured in a car accident. I started quilting as a therapy God has blessed me with a wonderful gift.
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