Feeling Guilty

Tonight a little girl named Ellie is fighting for her life. in a few hours I know it will end and I feel so guilty sitting here hugging my son. Holding onto him with dear life while  another mom is losing her daughter. I will not undertand God’s plan for our lives and how an innocent little girl fought for so long with a horrible disease and yet there are those out there who really deserve to live her life. But I am not God and will never be. I know that some mom’s may feel the same way this is a child. My heart aches waiting for the tweet that says Ellie has finally given up her fight and gone home to be with Christ. It is so bittersweet. So what can I take away from this. This little girl has given her family some priceless moments in the last few hours. Anointing her mom with oil, waking up and kissing her biceps telling them don’t worry mom I am strong I’m a fighter.   God only gives us what we can handle and Little Ellie and family are so strong God sure blessed them with 2 wonderful little girls and God please hold this family close to you tonight and hold them in your arms. Surround them with your Angels keep them safe tonight. Lord you know Ellie’s time send her an angel to tell her it is ok to come home you are safe and will no longer be in pain. Ellie your mom and dad will miss you but will always love you and never forget you. Thank you Lord for little Ellie


About QuiltingforJesus

I am a mom who was injured in a car accident. I started quilting as a therapy God has blessed me with a wonderful gift.
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One Response to Feeling Guilty

  1. Mom of Many says:

    This was so heartbreaking to read. I don’t know who Ellie is or what has happened, but my heart is breaking. It’s so hard to understand why sweet, innocent children have to suffer and die so young, but thankfully God knows what He’s doing. As a weak human, I’ll never understand it. My heart goes out to this family and I will lift them up in prayer. I want to thank you for stopping by my place the other day. You gave me a wonderful idea and I’m in the process of blogging about our past year and how God provided in ways we couldn’t have even imagined!

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