Amazing Week

Last week my mom had hip surgery, which meant my oldest was going to her home to be her helper. I was a little apprehensive yet looking forward to her being out of the house due to tension.  I had peace and quiet for 3 days then I picked up my 12yo daughter.  I have never had time alone with her. I am not kidding never.  So I was not sure what to expect because my oldest is always doing something to bring attention to her and Rach is left out. She has been my sewing buddy for some time now we recently made a skirt with no pattern, and let me tell you it was very cute! So when she got her we decided to make a purse and some type of wallet. We searched the internet for a pattern and then made one up. She took the time to go through all of my fabric to pick out the perfect fabric. (Of course it was one that was super thin and needed a backing which was ok we found a matching material) So it took us a couple of days to get it right but she did it. She sewed all whole thing and what a difference it was to sew with her. No back talk, no sassy mouth and when I told her she sewed something wrong she looked at me and smiled and said sorry. I was taken back with that I was prepared for battle and didn’t get it. I got peace and love in her eyes. Something I have been missing for some time. I have Loved this time with her. She has been a true blessing for me. She is helping me make her grandfather a quilt I love her suggestions something I would never have thought of but you know what I am going to go with it. She has brought me out of my shell so to speak. I sing silly songs to her and well I have become a goofy mom. She just laughs and wonders what is going to come out of my mouth next. I love that I can be that goofy mom.  My son had enjoyed her too, yes they have a few fights but I love it those little bickering battles make this time memorable. I had cashed a check this week and took her to the store to buy some stuff for her. She had a hard time asking for stuff it seems that I had not bought her stuff out of the blue to me that is sad. So I think I made up for this week, Yes I spoiled her rotten. We went to Michael’s and she had never heard of grab bags so I bought all they had. I wish I had filmed her opening them. They had about $50 worth of stuff in them and she was Sold on grab bags! I bought her some things for a sewing kit we are making.  I Love this young woman she is growing up to be. She has opened up to me and I love that I get to be her mom.


About QuiltingforJesus

I am a mom who was injured in a car accident. I started quilting as a therapy God has blessed me with a wonderful gift.
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