Mom’s Quilt

About 2 months ago my mom gave me 7 dresden plates that she bought at a garage sale for me to make into a quilt. I was thankful she had that much faith in me and scared that what if I screw this up. They were vintage and beautiful. She gave me free range to do whatever I wanted with the plates ( a dresden plate is a series of what looks like wedges sewn together about 16 of them to form what looks like a doughnut or wheel).
My first step was to draw a pattern so I made 3 different ones took pictures and sent them to her. She ooh’d ahh’d and said do whatever you think. UGGHHHH!! Ok regroup I decided to search ebay to find some 1930’s prints I came across someone selling the dresden pieces in a bag so excited to spent too much on them but I God told me I needed them not sure how but I needed them. Then I bought some 1930’s print fabric to go with the fabric that matched the plates. Now since my mom gave me free reign it happened quilters block! (he he get it block!) it sat for a few weeks with me sweating it out since I have a deadline of September 20th The last day before her friend comes to stay with her for a week.

Then it happened I had had enough last week I did it I cut a square of white fabric and sewed one of the dresden plates to it and I loved it! I was so proud of myself. I got the great idea for the 1930’s fabric after I had been searching through some books of vintage quilts I decided to make pinwheels with contrasting white fabric. I decided to use only 6 of the plates making the blocks 13×13 and with the pinwheels I made 4″ x 13″ sashing to go around the blocks which made the quilt 36×55. The perfect lap quilt or so I thought. I showed her the quilt top that I had finished so she could get some backing fabric she loved it but I could tell it was not the size she wanted. I called her later that day and she told me that she wanted it to fit on her double size bed….double size bed. Ok I will do anything for this women she survived breast cancer last year and I she deserves whatever she wants. I then remembered the bag of dresden pieces I bought on ebay. I decided to make 6 more blocks to extend the quilt. I also found in my UFO projects a baby blanket that used a fence and rail which I never did like but loved the fabric. The fabric as a 1930’s retro prints and would work beautifully with her quilt. They are 4×4 strips that will alternate in colors around the blanket or just on the sides I have not decided. The dresden plates are so outside of my comfort zone that I pushed myself to do them. Moral to the story I wish I had tried them sooner. The blanket is so simple and beautiful that I never could have imagined. I never used the patterns I drew they were just a way to pass time for me. I knew that if I just trusted God that He would guide me to make this blanket for her. Honestly without Him and His guidance I would have never done this. God has blessed my mom with an amazing gifts and I always wanted one. And God gave me the gift to quilt and I thank God that I get to do this for her and for others who receive my quilts!


About QuiltingforJesus

I am a mom who was injured in a car accident. I started quilting as a therapy God has blessed me with a wonderful gift.
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