8 quilts 6 days

Oh my gosh I have to make 8 quilts in 6 days. 4 will be going to be auctioned off at Ruby Tuesday’s on June 19th. The proceeds will be given to Jake who is a Marine diagnoised with brain cancer. He has a wife daughter and a baby on the way. They have named her Faith for their faith in God to get them through this and to Heal Jake! My daughter is working with me to make the quilts she has already finished sewing 2 of the quilts and is doing a great job. I will be working like a bee this week! will post pics asap!

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First quilt


Today I helped my daughters friend make her first quilt. Nothing prepared me more than watching my daughter be me. Wow Ouch Lord did you have to show me this way? Had no idea (OK maybe a little ) that we were so much alike. Her friend was such a joy to teach and my daughter learned a lot so now I know that my daughter and I need to be more understanding and well I need to Love her more in a new way so today’s lesson was more for mom than daughter and friend. If you look at the red blocks they form a heart this was done on accident. See God works is mysterious ways!  I Love how God works!

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Teaching a 16yo how to quilt Saturday

This Saturday I get to teach a 16yo how to make her first quilt for a community service project at school.  Now don’t get me wrong I love to teach kids but worried that since this is so last-minute that we might not get it done. So I am going to convince her to make a baby blanket and donate it to Eastside Baby in North Bend, WA hopefully she will agree 🙂 Either way this will be a learning experience for both of us. I am as my daughter puts it anal because I like perfection in something I am giving away and this young lady is the ame way. Will post a pic of the quilt once it is done!

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WOF 1001 things kids should see or do book contest

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This year I will for the first time be pain free because I will have a pain pump put in on June 4th. I decided that since 1) I love Women Of Faith and 2) I could really use the book 1001 things your kids should see or do because this year I can do them. Please follow the links if you would like to win the book also.

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Any questions for a quilter?

I have self taught myself to quilt over the last few years. I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. My first real quilt pattern was come to find out a bargello pattern supposed to be one of the hardest to make because of all of the cutting and moving of fabric. To me it was one of the easiest. Now I have started to create my own patterns and will one day make them. I deal with back pain on a daily basis quilting is my rehabilitation for my pain. i live with a constant pain level of 9-10 and on June 4th I will be fitted for a pain pump which will give me a pain level of 0 Yes I praise God daily and cannot wait to have this done. I will be making more quilts and still use this time as my meditation with God. It is through Christ which I am able to do what I do.  I will help those who need guidance it is what God has called me to do.  I will listen and help those who need it. I am going to start posting pics of my quilts and will try to have links to other sites that I love. Thank you for reading and please leave me a note!

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2 Quilts done so many more to do!

So being part of a non-profit business I am so busy making quilts. Thank God He is with me through this. I have just finished Jake Waggoner’s quilt it is beautiful. Jake is a young man back from Iraq who was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has a wife, 2 yo daughter and one on the way. He may not see this child and this quilt will be a wonderful remembrance for his wife. I am also making a quilt for a friend who was diagnosed with lymphoma she is having a very difficult time with chemo and the quilt is so beautiful I will post pictures tomorrow.  Take care and God bless all!

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My first WordPress post!

I started this blog to help me remove an item on my bucket list. Sounds strange but I decided I needed goals in my life and at 37 this was important for me. I started to seriously quilt about a year ago and have since started to listen to God and now I am drawing patterns. I have no idea where this will go and with God’s help I hope to develope it into a book of devotions and quilts. I feel strongly about this and know that with this blog I can reach others who may have ideas or need to reach out.  A little about myself. I was in a car accident 9 years ago and because of the therapy’s they put me under I am now left with scar tissue in my spine. I suffer from chronic pain and have tried everything under the sun to keep the pain away. I have now accepted that God is using my pain for His good. I know this may sound strange but trust me. Others have benefited from hearing my story. Some have come closer to God, others see their pain and know that God is using them whether physical or mental ect. HE will use you for His will. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I have a plan for you” Says the Lord “plans to prosper you and not harm you plans to give you hope and a future. This is my life verse.  I hold it close because I truly believe God does have a plan for our lives.  Enough for tonight! Good night all God bless you!

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